We can help you energize and focus the collective knowledge, experience, and problem-solving skills of your workforce
in three important ways:

Please contact us to discuss how our unique and cost-effective Advanced

Workforce Engagement strategy can help your teams:

• Save Time • Save Money • Simplify Procedures • Reduce Errors
• Maximize Resources • Utilize Skills • Improve Safety
• Enhance Employee Morale and Productivity

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“People at work are engaged when they are thinking, interacting, and responding in ways that improve the quality of work and working relationships.”

-Ken Amitin, PhD, President
Organizational Services Corporation

Client Testimonials

“Helped us through uncertain organizational times”

We had an absolutely wonderful experience with the "world's best professional trainer" (in our opinion) that helped us immensely through the very stressful, uncomfortable, unpleasant, and uncertain organizational times.

-Human Capital Manager, Federal Government Agency

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Dr. Ken Amitin, President
Organizational Services Corporation
Atlanta, GA
Phone: (404) 320-1839
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